Jungle Jam Adventure – Party At Yours

Come explore with us the wonders of the Jungle and discover the colourful characters that make this place so much fun. This fabulous party is designed for kids aged 3-6yrs. 

Our Jungle Jam is a exciting party of discovery and exploration through the depths of the jungle, in search of the mischievous ‘Mojo’ the Monkey. Ranger Raven will take her kids on a trek through it's wonderous landscape to find it's many colourful characters; Gerry the Giraffe, Lucy the Lion and Sammy the Snake and with any luck, you'll snatch a glimpse of ‘Mojo’ the infamous Cheeky monkey.

To earn your Ranger Badges, you'll learn how to recognise our animals by site and sound, you'll be all warmed up with our 'Jungle Jam Conga Line' then ready to grab your Binoculars and set off on your trek and let the adventure begin.