How to create a Frozen Winter Wonderland

Frozen Party Ideas and Inspiration Auckland Entertainers

At Party At Yours we love to help parents create a magical Frozen-themed party for their children. Being one of our most popular themes, it involves a magical blend of creative decorations, engaging entertainment, and super fun, thematic food options that will take your Elsa party to starry new heights - fit for your Snow Queen. Here’s a detailed guide to help you plan and pick and choose elements so you can create the coolest Frozen party yet.

Let's kick it off with decorations.

Frozen Decorations

When it comes to decorating your party room, we want to try and recreate a winter wonderland. Elements like sparkling lights and delicate snowflakes evoke the magic of Elsa’s ice powers and the fantasy world of Arendelle.

To add a playful element, decorations such as character cutouts, Elsa and Olaf Large Foil Balloons, fun-themed tableware, interactive decorations like a Frozen throne or a Frozen photo backdrop encourages guests to engage and have fun, ultimately enhancing the overall part mood which we love.

  1. Color Scheme: Stick to a colour palette of icy blues, lavender, purples, whites, and silvers.
  2. Snowflakes and Icicles: Hang paper snowflakes and icicle garlands from the ceiling.
  3. Backdrop: Create a Frozen backdrop or do it the easy way with our Frozen Party Scene Setter Backdrop for your photo booth featuring Elsa and Anna.
  4. Balloons: The best decorations ever can come from balloons. Use different shades of blue, Lavender, Purple, white, and silver balloons. Clear balloons with confetti inside can resemble ice bubbles. Also you cannot go past our Elsa Frozen Air Walker Foil Super Shape Balloon for maximum impact.
  5. Table Settings: Use Frozen-themed tablecloths, plates, cups, and napkins. Scatter fake snow and snowflake confetti on the tables. 
  6. Centerpieces: Use Elsa and Anna Table Decorating kits to create this with ease and add dolls or figurines, along with frosted branches and LED lights. 
    Frozen Table Decorating Kit Just Party Supplies
  7. Frozen Throne: Make a special throne for the birthday child decorated with tulle, fairy lights, and snowflakes. 

Entertainment Options

Now of course being an entertainment company, having Elsa and/or Anna come and create some fun with your children is what we love to do. This is not only the 'best treat ever' for the birthday girl and guests but it also allows for an easier stress-free party for the parents which we also love.

There are many other fabulous entertainment options you can choose for your Frozen party though, so come tale a look;

  1. Character Appearances: Hire actors to dress up as Elsa, Anna, and Olaf for a meet-and-greet.
  2. Craft Station: Let kids make their own snowflakes, wands, or crowns. Provide materials like glitter, glue, and sequins. Another favourite activity of our :)
  3. Sing-Along: The music is such a fabulous element to this theme so organise a Frozen sing-along with songs from the movies. Provide lyrics sheets for guests.
  4. Snow Play Area: Set up a snow play area using fake snow for some sensory fun. This is definitely an outdoor activity but one we have been part of many times. So much fun for the children. 
  5. Frozen Story Time: Have someone read Frozen-themed stories. The children love these stories. Make them as interactive as you can.
  6. Ice Painting: Give kids large ice blocks and let them paint with watercolours. The paint freezes, creating beautiful designs.
  7. Party Games:
    • Pin the Nose on Olaf
    • Frozen Bingo
    • Snowball Toss: Use white pom-poms and small buckets.

Creative Food Options

So aside from decorating your beautiful party room to organising the fabulous entertainment, we are left with creating some fun themed party food. Now for some the idea of making something frozen theme based can be daunting but when we break it down, you'll see that it is easier than you think, plus more fun to make. 

  1. Frozen-Themed Cake: A cake decorated with Elsa and Anna, or shaped like an ice castle. Ok for some of us, this might be made by someone else and there are many fabulous Cake Makers around for this so look locally for a cake maker or get in touch with us and we can help you organise this.
  2. Snowflake Cookies: Decorate plain cookies with snowflake patterns using blue and white icing.
  3. Olaf Noses: Carrot sticks with ranch dip.
  4. Snowballs: Powdered donut holes or white chocolate-covered popcorn.
  5. Ice Blue Jelly: Serve blue jelly cubes as “ice”. 
  6. Frozen Hot Chocolate: A chilled version of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and blue sprinkles. OMG this is the yummiest!
  7. Kristoff’s Ice Blocks: Blue raspberry or grape juice frozen into ice pop molds.
  8. Anna’s Sandwiches: Use a cookie cutter to shape sandwiches into snowflakes.
  9. Elsa’s Ice Punch: Blue Hawaiian punch or lemonade with floating ice cubes shaped like snowflakes.

And to throw in some extra elements of goodness to take your Frozen party to soaring heights, be sure to add these little beauties below;

  1. Invitations: Send out Frozen-themed invitations or make some Frozen invites shaped like snowflakes or ice castles.
  2. Party Favours: Hand out Frozen-themed goody bags with stickers, small toys, and candy. We love to make these loot bags the easy way with our Frozen Party Favours Packs so check them out for all your Elsa treats.
  3. Music: Create a playlist with all the Frozen movie soundtracks to play throughout the party. This is for us the best thing ever. Having background music at your party is crucial as it helps to fill the space and with this theme in particular the music is just the best and the kids love it, so a big thumbs us from us.
  4. Lighting: Use blue LED lights to create a cool, icy atmosphere.

So, with all these wonderful ideas at your fingers tips, your Frozen party is sure to be a stand out event, creating unforgettable memories for everyone. So jump on in and create an epic Frozen party fitting for Elsa and Anna.  Enjoy the process and love celebration!

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