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Thanks for taking the time to come visit us and find out a little more about who we are. We're a small, passionate company with a huge heart and putting smiles on your children's face is what we live for.

Party At Yours was created back in late 2008, stemming from a love of all things musical. We began as a karaoke and sound hire company - introducing people to the musical world of karaoke.

During these interactions with adults and their children, it  became apparent that the wonderful world of 'kids party entertainment' was seriously lacking in karaoke fun. We decided that we were the perfect company to change all that - and so entry into the magical realm of 'Children's Party Entertainment' began. 

Starting with our pure joy for music we created our "Auckland Famous" Rock Star Disco Parties and our Pop Star Karaoke Parties. As many stories go, we blossomed from there and are so proud to now provide an exciting range of parties for boys and girls of all ages. From magical fairy parties to high energy Nerf war parties - our focus remains fixed on providing you and your children with the very best birthday experiences we can give them. Seeing the excitement on their faces, their infectious smiles grinning from ear to ear is rewarding beyond measure. 

Since day one, our core principal has always been the same - we are about creating great memories and bringing as much joy as we can to all our kiddies, never about making a quick buck. Money has never been the driving force of what we do and with these unwavering values I believe has been the secret sauce of our success. Being honest and providing the very best service we possibly can continues to be our number 1 goal.

We are continually inspired by the children we meet and look forward to bringing you and your kids more of the fun stuff to help their imagination grow. Stay tuned and watch this space!

I truly believe that your staff are your biggest asset and I am so fortunate to have the most amazing gals and guys working with me - with so much talent, humility and zest for life. They really make your child's experience with us a memorable one and that's what we're all about. 


Tiffany Manu - Chief Fun Maker since 2008

Let us Entertain You!

Kyle Sutcliffe

You’ll find the awesome Kyle bouncing around your party as Spiderman, Batman, Ninja or Obi-Wan Kenobi. Kyle’s outgoing personality and super friendly, kind nature lends himself perfectly for hosting these style of parties. He not only interacts well with the kids but also really gets a real thrill out of working with them. He oozes empathy and creates real connections with the kids he entertains. With a long history of public speaking and acting, he works to get the best out each and every party. Having finished his degree in Physiology at Auckland Uni he is now working towards his Chiropractic Degree. This professional young man is an absolute joy to have around - you'll see why at one of his parties. Kyle has been with us for 4yrs now and we are super lucky to have him on the team.

Hemi Young

The wonderful Hemi runs our Nerf War Parties with a 'can do' attitude, come rain or shine. He is currently studying first-year Health Science at Auckland University, at the start of a long, arduous road towards being a doctor. As a young Maori man he is passionate about his culture and is driven to succeed with the hope to one day be in a position within the health sector to help the many inequities that many Maori and Pacific people face. He is respectful and incredible grateful for the opportunities he has been given. With all that courage and drive, we feel super fortunate to have Hemi as part of the Party At Yours crew. 

Briana Putnam

Briana comes to us with a wealth of experience working around children – from teaching dance, tutoring and working as an entertainer, so we are thrilled to have her as part of our very talented team. Currently studying a Bachelor of Science, Briana not only has the know-how but also has the passion. With a broad background in dance and teaching, combined with her zest for life and love for children she creates a dynamite of a disco party. Super confident and super talented, we love letting her loose on the dance floor!

Kate Ede

The wonderful Kate Ede has been with us since early 2018 and loves adopting the fabulous Roles of Elsa, Marina the Mermaid, Fairy Katarina and our awesome 'All Stars' party host. Whilst masquerading in the weekends as a beloved party entertainer, you'll find Kate during the week training as a first year at New Zealand College of Chiropractic. Adding to her super bubbly nature she also 'Cheers' competitively in her spare time   - awesome right! With a vivacious and fun loving demeanour it makes us super fortunate to have Kate as part of our fabulous team. 

Claire Johnston

Claire has recently completed the New Zealand Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She wishes to make a difference in the formative years of the next generation of young people through her talents and background in Performing Arts, Dance, Musical Theatre and Singing. Claire is passionate about working with young children and loves to watch the spellbound expressions on their faces and to draw them in to the make believe world of her characters, Fairy Astra, Princess Ana, Queen Elsa, Marina the Mermaid and Cinderella.

Georgia Naera

The fun-loving Role of our favourite polynesian princess Moana and the beautiful, exotic Georgia Naera were a match made in dreamland. Being fluent in Te Reo, passionate about her culture and accustomed to the many legends of Maui, made Georgia the perfect fit to take on this character. Georgia came to Auckland from Rotorua in 2017 to study an Engineering Degree at AUT. Currently undertaking an internship at Coco Cola Amatil. Georgia's warm, compassionate nature leads her beautifully into the Moana role and more importantly to entertaining your children. We couldn't be more delighted.

Jasmin West Party Host
Jasmin West

When we first met the vivacious Jasmin, we knew the role of becoming a Princess Entertainer was made for her. Her super vibrant nature and absolute looove for dressing up and entertaining children was evident from our first meeting. Known by friends and family as a ‘big kid’ herself and with a background in Jazz Ballet, Yoga and a love for singing, cemented our decision that we ‘must have her’! Currently studying 2nd Year as a Chiropractic student and also working as a nanny during the week, this Princess in waiting not only has the professional attributes that we adore but loads of high’ energy vitality that makes her adored by many - we couldn’t be more beside ourselves to have her working with us. 

Julia Cormack

When we heard that the beautiful Julia Cormack had just returned from working at Disney World in Florida we knew she would make a magical addition to our team. She stems from a background in dance studying Ballet, Jazz and contemporary since she was 5yr old and teaching alongside this. With entertainment in her blood and a love for kiddies it made stepping into the shoes of Princess Belle, Elsa and Fairy Fantasia the most perfect fit. Currently studying a Bachelor of Communication Design at AUT, this princess is not only super talented on her feet but also has oodles of creativity to match. Her bubbly and super friendly nature makes her an absolute natural at hosting our parties and for that we could be more chuffed that she is part of our wonderfully talented team.

Jethro Worthington

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have the fabulous Jethro Worthington join our team of bouncy, energetic Superheroes. The mere thought of dressing up as Spiderman makes Jethro bounce off the walls - which obviously is music to our ears!! With many years working as a youth leader and helping with Sunday school at his Church and also coaching Hockey gives Jethro the skills, ability to relate well with kids and more importantly the energy and imagination that this role requires to bring his characters to life. As Jethro put’s it, finding a job that ’unleashes his inner child’ is the best opportunity. Having only been with us since January 2020 we are super delighted to say that he’s off to a flying start with very happy customers already. Whoo hoo - Lucky us!!

Candice Bartlett

The wonderful Candice Bartlett is a vibrant young lady who is always full of energy which makes her the most perfect host for our fabulous Rock Star Disco parties. With oodles of experience working with kiddies, running holiday programmes and After School Care activities, Candice is always keen to put her dancing shoes on and lead from the front. We absolutely love it and love her - we know you will too.

Fairy Hugs
Emma McMillan

The super lovely Emma McMillan is the newest member of wonderful team but comes with loads of passion and imagination to fuel the minds of our youngsters. With a background in contemporary dance taught by our wonderfully talented Briana Putnam, experience in acting through Junior Shakespear performances, Showquest and Stage Challenge mixed with her tutoring experience, Emma not only comes the pure joy and energy to entertain but is also backed with her performance and teaching experience. This bright, young star is a wonderfully welcomed addition to our team - how lucky are we!