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Hi there!
The girls and their friends had the BEST time! I was amazed at Emma and Jaimie’s energy! Loved the variety of activities and the ability of the ladies to adjust as needed depending on the kids’ energy levels. Already passed along your contact info to another mum who asked! 
Thanks again for a memorable birthday party! 
Rock Star Disco Party, August 2020


Hi Team,

Thank you so so much for all your help in making Samaria’s 4th birthday memorable💕!

Lulu Bella was so engaging and fun.  She kept the girls occupied and they loved her.  Samaria wants her back again and again for all her parties!  She’s got a theme in mind for next year so doubt we will be in touch.

How truly amazing and what a super fun day!

Thank you to all of you and a special one for Lulu Bella.

Thank you

Thank you so much! Our fairy Esmerelda was so so great on Saturday, the kids had the best hour. She was so sweet and great at keeping their attention. Please give her a big thanks from us!

My daughters are so impressed that she can "really fly" and asked if she had a fairy mum and dad! hahaha
Rhian - Fairy Fantasia Party 

Just sending special thanks to Obi Wan and his apprentice who made my 7 year-old's party (Darren) super special today! All kids had an absolute blast! Will highly recommend them to everyone! Just hoping Obi Wan's apprentice wasn't too traumatised after that final lightsaber battle 😉.

Marta - Star Wars Jedi Training 


Happy new year. I am so sorry I haven’t replied to this earlier.
The girls were so amazing so thank you so much. Rosa had a great time.
Sorry I am not on Facebook but I have told all my friends about you.
Thanks again. Caroline 

Hi Tiffany & Amy,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. 
Just wanted to say a special thanks to your team of superheroes. 
Batman and Spiderman did a truly fabulous job. Aston, Max and their friends loved the performance thoroughly and were talking about it for days and weeks.  
We’ve had so many positive comments from the attending parents, it’s been a great experience for everyone.
Thanks so much again.
Cheers, Simone 

Hi Tiffany

We had your entertainer over for a lovely day yesterday.
It was extremely hot on our deck where Spider-Man entertained the kids, so just want to say a huge thank you to him for maintaining in the heat!!
Please relay our thanks to him. Everyone had so much fun.
We will definitely be recommending your services to others.
Thanks again, Lauren

Hi!  I have been meaning to contact you to say thanks so much for a wonderful party – Sophie LOVED her fairy and I think it was a really nice number of children to have as well.

We will definitely be coming back again!  My son turns 4 in February so we may look to do something for that.

Thanks Mel

"Hope you’ve had a good weekend - your ninja master was awesome! Very professional, authentic, and the patience of a saint when the kids were trying to change his game rules!!

Thanks so much - I’ll be recommending you guys to anyone having a birthday party in the future.

Kind regards, Nicola."

Ninja Training Parties

Hi Tiffany,

Thank you for the Amazing Spiderman for swinging over to my son's 3rd birthday party. All the kids had a wonderful time. Naksh got super excited to see his favorite Superhero from the time he crawled into the room.
He spent an awesome time with him on his birthday. He thanked me the other day and said I love spiderman!!!
Thank you again for making his day the best day!!! Please extend my Thank you to the entertainer. Some sneak peak from the party attached.
Regards Jivitesh
Spiderman Superhero Boot Camp Parties

"Good afternoon,

I just wanted to send a quick email to say how thrilled we were with Moana on Saturday for Emily's birthday! She was so so great! The weather was awful but she was so flexible with adapting to inside and the kids just loved her. She really made our Emily feel like a special birthday girl too! What a great young lady to have out representing your business, she was awesome! Thank you so much we've been really happy with your offering from start to finish and would highly recommend to anyone considering using your amazing offering.

So very grateful! Aimee".

Moana Hawaiian Luau

Hi Tiffany!! 

I am sorry I haven't emailed you back to say a big THANK YOU!! for such an amazing day.  Jessica was lovely and managed super well the the 12 energetic kids 😄😄. It was a great time for us parents, to seat down, relax and watch them play. Unfortunately, we didn't take any photos as we were too relax!!
Thanks again Catalina
Nerf War Party

Hi Tiffany – sorry for delay in replying.

Thanks so much for the great day enjoyed by Declan and his mates! They all had a ball and I got lots of comments from parents too that it was great to have something so physical for them to get stuck into! Jessica did a sensational job corralling them all; it made things super easy for us adults who were preparing things in the hall.

Will happily pop a review on Facebook – and have recommended you to several people who were asking who ran the party for us.

Thanks again! Wendy.

Nerf War Party

Hi Tiffany and Spiderman,

My boy had his 7th birthday on Sunday and he just loved spiderman so much. And the kids at the party loved it to .He was awesome .He kept the kids entertained. I have no regrets in contacting Party at yours. They have done such a wonderful job, spiderman Was at my place on time and Made my boys party more enjoyable . Also it added a great value to the kid's who each received a certificate Would highly recommend them to friends and family. Definitely will contact you back for my daughters birthday. In February

Regards Sharmila

Superhero Boot Camp party

Hi TIffany

We had Obi wan Kenobi come and visit us on Sunday for our Louis’ Star Wars themed 5th birthday party and he was absolutely BRILLIANT! I couldn’t have asked for more, he arrived with awesome confidence and took over the party fantastically but was also caring and thoughtful with each child. He kept the kids entertained for the WHOLE hour! Louis thought he was the best thing ever!!! Thank you SO much for EVERYTHING Tiffany and Obi wan Kenobi you guys are Amazing!!!! 

Regards Linda

Star Wars Jedi Party 

Hi Tiffany

Thank you we Nerf war party went off with a blast the kids had so much fun and said they loved it! 
Thanks so much and yes I will dig out some photos I didn’t get a chance to take very many,  and I’ll leave a great review on your facebook page shortly.
Wishing your team a Happy Christmas, thanks again for a great party.
Kind regards
Michelle, Shane & Jesse
Nerf War Party

Hi Tiffany

Thanks you so much, the kids had so much fun, obe wan kanobi was such a hit with the boys, he was excellent had them all involved and had so much energy!
It was also awesome having two lovely ladies for the Moana party as well, the main lady was great kids loved the music and dancing and especially the Limbo! And the lady in training was great with a couple of kids who were a little nervous about joining in, held there hands and talked to them and by the end everyone was loving it.


Moana Hawaiian Luau & Star Wars Jedi Party

"Hi Tiffany,

A big thank u for a wonderful Spiderman Superhero bootcamp... Denzel n his friends were all excited to see Spidey. They all liked the certificate too it’s a big take away to them.

Thanks heaps Kavita"
Spiderman Superhero Boot Camp Party

Spiderman Party Entertainment

Hi Tiffany,

Moana and Sina were amazing! Thank you all for making my little one’s day so absolutely magical. All the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the girls were also so helpful – even gave me a hand reorganizing the chairs! You guys are just amazing! Thank you again! Reese also loves her present from Moana, she’s been wearing it almost everyday. I definitely won’t hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone who’s thinking of having a Moana party!

Cheers, Dorothy.

Moana Hawaiian Luau

Dear Tiffany, Thanks so much to your amazing Amber and Rebecca – both were fantastic.  The party went off so well thanks to them – nothing was a problem – they were so much fun but also so sensible.  Chloe already has requested they come back for next year’s party. Lots of mothers have emailed me asking me for your details – the business is a credit to you and there was nothing I can fault.  Thank you again Tiffany and Rebecca and Amber.

Chloe's Rock Star Disco Party  

Hi Tiffany

Thank you for your email and the follow-up. The party was absolutely amazing and Moana was the star. Coco had the most wonderful time and so did her guests. To be honest, I think some of them thought that it was the real Moana…adorable. The kids loved the games and activities that Moana played with them and Coco loves her special present. Thank you both so very much.

We’ll see what theme Coco picks next year for her birthday. Thanks again and all the best.

Coco's 5th Birthday party

Moana Hawaiian Luau

Thank you so much Party At Yours... Spiderman and Batman did a magnificient job with taking 30 kids through the Super Hero Boot Camp. The parents got to have their own catch up amongst themselves while the kids enjoyed training to become Super Heroes.

They had so much fun. And not to forget the great customer service and communication before hand. You made it all run smoothly. We are grateful. Thank you. We highly recommend you guys!

Batman and Spiderman Superhero Boot Camp

 Hi Tiffany,

Emma had an amazing party for her 7th Birthday. Popstar Karaoke was the best theme for her 7thparty and all her 15 girlfriends had an amazing and exhausting time. My son who is 5 and his 2 friends also joined in for a song. Your hostess made sure all the kids had a turn at singing and choosing songs.

Just wanted to say that not only the kids have an amazing time, but also this Mum. Lots of fun and would definitely recommend and may even do again.

Thanks, Jane

Emma's 7th birthday party 
Pop Star Karaoke Party

Hi Tiffany

I wanted to say a big thank you to your lovely Moana who came and entertained my daughter for her birthday and a group of 4-5 year old girls last Saturday. She easily entertained the girls for an hour and they all loved her and the games she played.

Please pass on my appreciation! Thanks Anna.

Alyssa's 5th birthday party

Moana Hawaiian Luau Party 

Hi Tiffany

A big thank you too! Lucienne had a great day, and loves her necklace best of all!  Some of her friends couldn't believe it that the 'real' Moana had made it to the party! ☺ 

Thanks again, Emma

Lucienne's 6th birthday party 
Moana Hawaiian Luau Party 

Hi Tiffany,

Sorry for the delay in emailing you. Batman was awesome, Torin had the most wonderful time at his party thanks to Batman. There was more than 1 kid in awe of him? It was a terrible day weather wise so we were stuck inside & Batman managed to keep 15 kids totally focused & on task for the full hour, no easy feat. He even had them lining up for his autograph at the end, too cute. 

Anyway we can't thank you enoug and have recommended you to all our friends. Torin is already talking about who can come to his party next year, he thinks Batman again lol.

Kind regards Sheryl 

Torin's 5th birthday party 
Batman Superhero Boot Camp Party

Hi Tiffany,

The party went really well and all the boys had so much fun! They were all saying to their mums after that they wanted to have their own nerf gun party. Jessica was awesome! Getting out there in the rain and joining in!

Thank you all for making Boston’s birthday party a good one!

Regards, Janelle

Boston's 6th birthday party 
Nerf War Party

Thanks, Tiffany.

Zarah and her friends had a blast at meeting a 'real life' fairy!


Zarah's 4th birthday party 
Fairy Fantasia Party

fairy fantasia party Auckland

Hi Tiffany,

Just wanted to say a big thank you. Spiderman was absolutely fab at Ryan's birthday party today. He was so delighted and loved playing the games with him. It really made his birthday!

Cheers, Hazel

Ryan's 4th birthday party 
Spiderman Superhero Boot Camp Party

Hi Tiffany

Thomas and his friends had such a great time and Jessica was amazing.  She kept them active for 60mins and really worked on team work with them. Was very impressed. The whole experience from booking through to party day has been so straight forward and stress free.  Some of the other mums at the party were really impressed as well so I forwarded your website on to them.

Thank you for ensuring Thomas had a great day and I had a stress free time as well.

Regards Alison 

Thomas's 12th birthday party 
Nerf War Party

Hi Tiffany,

We had Olivia's party today and wow! what a wonderful time they had. The kids all had such a blast. So much laughter, singing, jumping around and general birthday fun. Your team were amazing. The girls were all absolutely exhausted by the end of the party and well and truly worked off the birthday cake!

Thanks again and warm regards.

Olivia's 6th birthday party 
Rock Star Disco Party

Hi Tiffany

Sorry I was meaning to write you a note since Saturday. I just wanted to let you know we were super impressed with Elsa for Georgia's party at the weekend. The kids had a great time and she was really good. She engaged with the kids well and really entertained them for the full hour - no mean feat for 10 small children! She had a good sense of humour, knew all about Frozen which the kids loved asking her lots of questions and really l lit up their imaginations. I had lots of positive feedback from the other parents too. The kids absolutely loved getting their fairy wands and magic Elsa dust too, was so nice to leave them with that. 

Thanks again, would really recommend Elsa and your Frozen party to others. Please can you pass on our thanks and good feedback to Elsa herself too. 

Georgia's 3rd birthday party 
Frozen Elsa Wonderland party

Hi Tiffany

I would like to thank you and Sarah for the amazing moments you created for my Vianna and her friends. Elsa was lovely and well organized and entertained kids very well. Also I'll recommend you to my friends?

Cheers, Moj

Hi Tiffany

Lana and her friends thoroughly enjoyed Elsa! The parents loved how the kids were so focused, listening to Elsa's every word. They're planning to hire entertainers for their child's next birthday! Definitely will do this again next year :) 

Many thanks!


Hi Tiffany

Appreciate your email and phone contact today re Emma and thank you for quickly sorting out Katherine as a replacement. The children were enthralled with Elsa (Katherine) today and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your entertainers to family and friends. We found her to be genuinely enthusiastic and engaged with the children and feel like our money was well spent creating a memorable party for Tessa.

Kind Regards

Frozen Elsa Wonderland party for Tessa

Hi Tiffany

What can I say??!? I have no words. Queen Elsa was amazing. I am confused and have lost touch with reality. Is she real deal - like the Elsa from Frozen or is she pretend haha? She was everything Queen Elsa is that I am living in world right now.

My daughter Maimai is in la laland - from the minute she laid her eyes on the Queen. She was lovely. She was friendly. She was the real deal. She had us all confused. We loved her. The kids adored her. She was perfect, elegant, gracious - she entertained all of us beautifully and she had this basket that was filled with fancy queen dust and I am really struggling to decide if she is real or fake... ha ha

This is how good your work is. I would have paid a million bucks - the look of pure joy on my daughters face would have made it worth it. Thank you so much for everything. For your friendly service, for your thoughtfulness, for sharing your Queen Elsa with us. 

Her dress, her hair, her face - she surely is the real Queen Elsa!!!

Please use my feedback everywhere! You are the best there is and the best there ever will be! You will hear from me soon. Even I want an Elsa and an Anna at my birthday. I want them both!

Big hugs and a massive thank you from all of us. 

Maimai's 4th birthday party 
Frozen Elsa Princess party

Hi Tiffany, 

I would like to say thank you to the amazing Fairy that came to visit Suraya at her party. All the kids had so much fun and I will definitely recommend you to others and have her come to my other daughters party when she is 5.

Kind regards

Suraya's 5th birthday party

Fairy Fantasia party

Hi Tiffany,

Now that we’ve finally finished cleaning up and catching our breath after the fabulous party weekend, I wanted to write and offer our sincere thanks for helping to make Catalina’s 4th birthday party such a huge hit for our birthday girl and her friends.  The lovely Elsa you provided was a star and truly had the girls mesmerized from start to finish.  She developed a wonderful rapport with both the children and the parents who stayed, several of whom commented to me on just how great she was.  I was pleased to share your company name with a few of them and would be happy to do so again as it’s clear you operate an awesome, customer service-oriented business.  You made the entire process so very easy, from the great communication you provided throughout the planning process all the way to the wonderful princess that made our party a terrific success.  Thank you again!

Catalina's 4th Birthday
Frozen Elsa Princess party

Hi Tiffany

I just wanted to say a big thank you for being so great to deal with in organising Ben's party yesterday. Your Commander Ben was great with the boys and they had an awesome time. He had a really good manner and kept them all involved. He wasn't phased when they were jumping all over the inflatables and so on. So it was pretty relaxed and all good fun.

All in all a great fun day for the boys and they all had a fantastic time.

Ben's 11th Birthday
Nerf Knock Out Party

Hi Tiffany,

Just to say thank you to you and especially to Allana and Rebecca for being such fabulous party hosts. Everyone enjoyed themselves especially Stella who danced none stop!

Allana and Rebecca were brilliant hosts. Professional, engaging and above all, fun! We will highly recommend you guys! All the best

Stella's 5th Birthday

Rock Star Disco Party

Rock Star Disco Parties Auckland

 I've been meaning to get back to you to thank you for the amazing Frozen party for Zoë - the kids absolutely loved it. Elsa was amazing she worked her magic on the girls who were just mesmerized by her. I will send photos when I can get them off the camera and onto the computer. Elsa was just fantastic I can't recommend her enough.

Zoe's 3rd Birthday
Frozen Elsa party

Hi Tiffany,

This is just to let you know that Ken had a good time and enjoyed the disco party. His friends (and yes, you're right, even the shy ones unleashed their prowess in dancing!)enjoyed the party and they told me that this is their coolest party ever! :) My friends even enjoyed it.

The choice of songs are amazing. It is exactly what the children like. Thanks to the wonderful and talented hosts, Becky and Caitlin. But they get the kids up and moving. 

Thanks again, Tiffany. I already told my friends to look at your we bsite to see what's available that suits their party needs. 

Ken's 7th Birthday
Rock Star Disco Party

Hi Tiffany,

Just wanted to provide feedback for Elsa. She was fabulous, the children were mesmerised by her.  I had one other Mum mention that she was way better than another party she had been to where they had another Elsa and Anna.

Her entertainment was set at the right age for the children at the party, their ages ranged from 4 years old to 8 years old. Even the boys got involved once they saw she had tattoos and wands :-) 

I will be recommending your company to family and friends.

Eva's 4th Birthday
Frozen Elsa Princess party


Dear Tiffany

Thanks so much to your amazing Amber and Rebecca – both were fantastic.  The party went off so well thanks to them – nothing was a problem – they were so much fun but also so sensible.  Chloe already has requested they come back for next year’s party.

Lots of mothers have emailed me asking me for your details – the business is a credit to you and there was nothing I can fault. 

Thank you again Tiffany and Rebecca and Amber.

Chloe's 5th Birthday
Rock Star Disco Party

Hi Tiffany, 
A very belated thank you so much!!! Lia and the kids had a whale of a time, and we had so much great feedback for about 2 weeks from the guests themselves and their parents...thank you so much. ?
Will recommend you to all our friends.

Thanks again

Lia's 6th Birthday
Rock Star Disco Party

Good Day Tiffany

Thank you so much AGAIN! for another Awesome party - The kids loved it and the parents enjoyed it too! Amber & Natasha did a great job! Thanks again and I am sure you will get some referrals from it!

Might be in touch again as we have a 4th Birthday coming up soon

Aimee's Rock Star Disco Party


Just wanted to say that Charlotte loved her party as did all her friends.So many good comments about it being the best party and them having so much fun and being very tired afterwards.  The adults also really enjoyed having Elsa. Thank you so much.

Thanks again for such a wonderful party.  Elsa was lovely.

Charlotte's Frozen Elsa Party

 "I just want to say Elsa was amazing yesterday. So professional and amazing with the girls. "

Sienna's 5th Birthday

Elsa Frozen Party


Just wanted to say a huge thank you today for our visit from Queen Elsa who made Emily's 5th Birthday party extra special. All the children loved her and had lots of fun. Here are a few photos from the day including the cake I had a friend make.

Thank you again.

Emily's 5th Birthday
Elsa Frozen Princess Party

 Hi Tiff,

The girls had such a super time on Saturday with Amber and Rebecca they were truly fabulous ... there must have been nearly 25 kids there and they were totally captivated and so into it! It was so cool!! Please give the girls a huge "thanks" - I didn't get to say thanks or see ya later to them :-)
Thanks so much ... not sure how I'm ever gonna match Saturdays event ... like ever!

Ruby & Lila's 6th birthday
Rock Star Disco Party

Hi Tiffany

What a superb job yesterday at Hiranya's Disco. Pls thank Caitlin & Tayla for a fantastic time. The kids really had loads of fun & im hearing nothing but good things from all the parents... Excellent job...

Hiranya's 7th birthday
Rock Star Disco Party

 Hi Tiffany,

Just a note to say thanks so much for Sunday. Princess Elsa was a huge hit and Madeline had a fabulous day. Cheers, Harriet

Madeline's Frozen Princess party

We were absolutely thrilled by the fabulous entertainment on Sunday at Hirresh's rock party. Everything went perfectly and kids enjoyed. We will certainly recommend you to our friends. With many thanks to you all.

Hirresh's 5th Birthday

Rock Star Disco party

Hi Tiffany,

Where do I start??? I'm sure my sister and brother in-law have informed you what a blast we had on Friday night with the karaoke!!!  I was so happy to see the song 'Let it Go' that was a hit with our little ones hehehe, but it was awesome!!! Will definitely be requiring your services again too!!!  Awesome songs!  We didn't want the night to end but had to sadly due to being held on church premises but thank you so much we all enjoyed it so much we will be hiring again!!!


Rock 2U Drop Karaoke hire

 Hi Tiffany,

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Rebecca and Amber for the wonderful job they did at Jessica's birthday party on Saturday.  They were fantastic and all the kids had a blast!  I will definitely be recommending them to friends!  Thanks girls, you were awesome!

Jessica's 5th birthday
Rock Star Disco party


I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to email you and tell you what a fantastic birthday party Evelyn had. She had a wonderful time and I don't think she stopped dancing from the moment that Amber and Caitlin started the music!  Children and parents alike have raved about it since and I don't think Evelyn will ever stop talking about it.
Thank you very much and thank you to Amber and Caitlin who did a superb job of entertaining a pretty large crowd of four and five year olds.

Evelyn's 5th birthday
Underwater Disco party

'Tiffany, I was so impressed with the brilliant party you created for Harrison's 7th birthday.  You and Amber had an energetic plan that kept the kids excited and entertained from the very minute you arrived. You constantly made Harrison feel special on his birthday and all the children had an equally amazing time. I would happily recommend you to other parents and will no doubt need to call on you again for my daughter's birthday!  

Harrison's 7th birthday
Rock Star Disco party


this is the best money I have spent since arriving in NZ over two years ago! The girls were fantastic - everything was amazing! There wasn't a child or parent in the house who wasn't completely captivated and impressed!

We are already looking forward to our 3 years old turning 4 in December to have you back!

Amelie's 5th birthday

Rock Star Disco Party


Hi Tiffany

Jake thoroughly enjoyed his party (in fact he told me it was the best birthday ever!!). Laura and Laura were fabulous and managed his 23 guests (including 21 rowdy boys) really well. I am always a wee bit nervous booking something through a google search rather than word of mouth, but your company did you proud and a great time was had by all ….Thank you so much.

Jake's 7th birthday
Rock Star Disco Party

 Hi Tiffany,

Thanks so much for yesterday. Georgia and her friends had a wonderful time. I've had lots of messages from the mummies saying how much their kids enjoyed it. You guys provided so much fun and energy and you're so well organised - very slick!

Thanks again and we'll see you again I'm sure.

Gerogia's 7th birthday
Rock Star Disco Party

Hi Tiffany,

Thank you so much for organising such a fantastic day!  Danielle and her friends had an amazing time, and talked about their fun all afternoon, evening and still this morning. Today she has been reading the lyrics again, and can't wait to show her Grandma all the new dance moves and voice exercises she has learned. Danielle is now looking forward to the next holiday program, and is very persistent in asking me if she will be allowed to attend again.

We love Pop Stars School!! Thank you so much for your hard work, and your fantastic team of teachers.

Kind regards, Carol
Pop Star School Ellerslie July 2013

Hi Tiffany

Wow what a great PARTY.

Rebecca and Katie were amazing. They did a fantastic job at entertaining the kids. The kids were totally engaged throughout the party and I am sure we will see some future Katie Perry’s in a few years to come. Lots of parents asked which company I used as they were really impressed and a lot of the kids thought it was the best party EVER.

India's 7th birthday

Rock Star Disco Party


Thanks for organising everything! It all went as smooth as it could with screaming 10 year olds. I found that the ones that were very reluctant were the ones that were hogging it by the end of the night and even this morning with the four that slept over.  They went from not wanting to have a go to lining up for a turn!!

Thanks again everything, it was done so well from emails, to delivery and I am assuming collection (if Mike can get the machine away from these four that is). I wouldn't hesitate to organise this again it kept them ALL very occupied.

Kayla's 10th birthday
Rock 2U Drop karaoke package

Hi Tiffany,

Just wanted to let you know that the party Friday night was a huge success ! Laura & Rebecca were really fantastic !! We could not have been happier ! The kids absolutely loved it, and all had a brilliant time. Laura & Rebecca's energy and enthusiasm was outstanding. We were very impressed. They are an asset to your company ! I will happily recommend them and your company to friends.

Finn's 6th Birthday
Rock Star Disco Party

Hi TIffany

Rebecca and Amber were FANTASTIC - seriously, Sahra (and all the kids) had a FANTASTIC time and we were really impressed at how much energy and enthusiasm Rebecca and Amber showed, and managed to keep up through the entire time. Seriously, I would (and will) recommend them to others, and in fact two mothers of other kids at the party today asked me to forward your/their details along. Excellent party, and we are extremely happy.

Sahra's 5th birthday, 2013
Rock Star Disco party

Hi Tiffany

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you and the Laura's. They were just fantastic. The wee disco divas had so much fun and everything came together wonderfully. Would totally recommend you guys!

Lily's 5th birthday

Rock Star disco party

You guys were absolutely amazing, and exceeded our expectations. The party was an absolute hit, and the kids and school were all buzzing about it this morning.  You have been a pleasure to deal with, making us feel like this was the most important party ever, and I would happily recommend you without hesitation (and hope to have you back in the future).

I am sure you will continue to enjoy great success with what you do, you certainly deserve to!

Maya's 6th Birthday
Rock Star Disco Party

Once again a HUGE THANK YOU for coming to Mareka's birthday party and providing such an awesome disco for the kids.  I'm still not sure who enjoyed it more - the kids or us parents!  Either way it was a huge success.  You ladies are FAB!!!!!

Mareka's 5th Birthday
Mamma Mia Disco Party

A big hearty thanks from my family as princess Samarah to Princess Rebecca - what a fab job she did to keep 15 children engrossed for the entire hour plus a few elder family members.

Thank you so much my daughter had a fabulous time and you guys really made her 5th birthday memorable.

Samarah's 5th Birthday

Princess Party

Thank you so much Tiffany for the extra help afterwards, much appreciated! Appreciate your efficiency, punctuality; great service WITH a smile :)
May your business flourish - I know where I'll go to for karaoke hire, you of course!

Juanita - Karaoke hire for Bridal Shower

The girls and I wanted to thank you very much for a wonderful karaoke party yesterday. Your enthusiasm was infectious which really helped encourage the quieter girls and the karaoke was perfect. Mia and Ines said it was the best party ever!

Thank you again for making it such a fun day,

Mia and Ines's 10th Birthday

Pop Star Karaoke party

Hi Tiffany,

I just want to say a bit THANK YOU for hosting Charlotte's party on Sunday.  Brendan and I were delighted with the way it all went and you and Lilli were fantastic.

We will certainly be recommending you to everyone. Charlotte had a brilliant time which was, of course our aim, and raved about her party to her new teacher at school today.

Many thanks for putting me at ease throughout the whole process and for taking into account my recommendations of songs. I’ll accept the fact that I was a nervous mother but your emails always reassured me! 

Charlotte's 6th Birthday
Rock Star Disco Party

"Hi Tiffany,

I just wanted to say thank you so much. My girls had the best time ever with you guys and have been so happy ever since. You did a great job and they seem pretty keen to come again" 

Erana Silverdale Pop Stars July 2010

Just to thank you and Stacey for making Natalie's party such a huge success. The girls all loved it and Natalie said it was the 'best party ever'. Thank you so much.

Natalie's 6th Birthday
Pop Star Karaoke Party

Thank you so much for sending Rebecca (sorry, Princess Pandora).  She was fantastic, efficient, professional and I am extremely pleased we booked one of your party packages.  I will highly recommend you all to others.

Aimee's 5th Birthday
Pamper Princess Party

"I recently booked a Karaoke Party for my daughters 7th birthday, although I was rather nervous on how it would go, I was pleasantly surprised.  My husband and I decked out our garage with tinsel and a stage and Tiffany and Stacey turned up with the karaoke machine and some props.  My daughter and her friends had so much fun – the party was so energetic and upbeat.  Both Tiffany and Stacey had everyone up dancing and singing – they were awesome.  And in my daughters words... it was the best party ever!” 

Georgia's 7th Birthday
Pop Star Karaoke Party

Hi Tiffany

Just a thank you for the great machine hire on sat night – we had an excellent time and the karaoke machine was a hit – thanks to you I managed to sing the entire backlog of Madonna hits and lose my voice!   Will def be in touch again.

Leigh's 40th Birthday Party
Rock Star Super Karaoke Hire 

"Just want to say thank you for sorting out our sound system. Our cousin had a ball with it, he really enjoyed being in charge of the music. The speakers are really powerful as well, we had a really fun night dancing."

Dini - Wedding
King Kong Pa System 

"Thanks so much for your help on our wedding day. The service was fantastic and the rates were very competitive! We had some issues with the venue that we had chosen with promises which were not kept, but Tiffany and her team made the day. We rang them up with 2 weeks notice to provide the PA equipment and Tiffany provided excellent equipment which was very easy to operate."

"The pick up and delivery went as promised. Tiffany was very flexible and worked around our needs. She was friendly and very supportive and couldn't wait to help out."

"Thanks again for helping us make our day special, and we would definitely recommend "Party at yours" for any function or event you are holding."

David and Jackie - Wedding
Hercules pa system 

"I have been trying to find the right place to book speakers for my 21st after party and have not found anything I liked, or was worth the cost. Until I found your website."

Thank you once again for the sound system, it rocked the party all night!!!! No one wanted to leave haha.

Hortense - 21st Party

King kong pa

"Party At Yours provided the Karaoke equipment for my 30th Birthday and they certainly didn't disappoint. Friendly, efficient pickup, setup and delivery, with modern, easy to use equipment for an excellent price. Will certainly use again when the need arises."

Craig - 30th Birthday Celebration

Rock Star Super karaoke system

Facebook Testimonials

Good Morning Tiffany,

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for an amazing party Sunday afternoon last week. The kids had an absolute ball, it couldn't have gone better. The young guy who came out was incredible, totally full of energy and fun. Xavier thought it was the coolest party ever! Thanks again, we will defiantly use you again in the future.

Kind Regards,  Michelle and Sam

Star Wars Party Auckland 

Thank you so much Moana and Sina for helping celebrate Sallys 5th birthday in style! You were both amazing x x x Moana Hawaiian Luau Party

Moana Hawaiian Luau party

Hi Tiff, I meant to come back to you and say what a fabulous party!!!  Ben was great with the boys and had them following his every word.  (Which is pretty amazing with 10 x 11 year old boys). Several kids said “Best Party ever” and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone else.

Lewis's 11th birthday 

 Nerf Knock-Out Party

Hi Tiffany, So sorry for my delay in giving feedback. Andrew and Ben were awesome and the kids had a brilliant time! I hope they didn't find them too  over the top or rude. I gave them my blessing to discipline any ill  behaviour but it all looked like fun and games from where we were sitting. I thought Andrew had an excellent way with the kids and I really appreciated how he and Ben participated as well.

Many thanks again - I believe other boys that attended are now wanting to book you guys for their parties so I hope you get some referrals!

Jack's 7th birthday Nerf War Party

Hi Tiffany, The party was a great success and the girls were awesome. Thank you so much xxx 

Hawaiian Disco Party Auckland
Hawaiian Disco Party
Hi Tiffany, I would like to thank you and your team (the great Cinderella & lovely fairy Mel) for making Milana's party such a great one on Sunday. The kids had such a fantastic time and are still raving about it one week on! Cinderella and Mel kept the girls (and boy) fully engaged and entertained for the entire duration, they were absolutely wonderful and I will be recommending to everyone I know who is keen to make similar arrangements. We may well call you back again next year for a 6th birthday party
I will be sure to post some pics on to your facebook page. Thanks again Tiffany for making Milana's 5th birthday a great one (and my job a lot easier;). Thanks a ton.

Milana's 5th birthday 
Fairy Princess Party 

Hi Tiffany, Just wanted to write and thank you for an AMAZING party yesterday.

Andrew was fantastic with the kids and kept them all under control whilst having fun, which is not an easy thing to do!!!

They all had an absolute blast and Marco had an ‘epic’ birthday. So thanks again, I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know.

Marco's 8th birthday  
Nerf Knock-Out party

Hi there, Elise had a wonderful time on Saturday, thank you so much. The girls were all enthralled for the whole hour, our fairy was magical. We are so pleased.

Elise's 5th birthday  Fairy Fantasia Party

Fairy Fantasia Parties

Elsa was fantastic and the girls were completely captivated. A few of the older girls said that it wasn't the real Elsa because she hadn't used her frozen powers and so I said that I had told Elsa that she wasn't allowed to use her frozen powers as the parents wouldn't be too happy if I sent their kids home as an ice statue. They totally believed this and were then going around saying, "see I told you she was the real Elsa".

Elsa really was fabulous!

Bella's 6th Birthday Elsa Frozen Party 

Elsa and Bella

Thank you so much for Saturday. Hannah had the best birthday party ever and all her friends (and mine) have not stopped raving about how fabulous you were. I loved your energy and it was obviously infectious as there was not an adult foot in the room not tapping along to the music. Feel free to use me as a reference, we will be back in touch for Hannah’s next birthday!!

Hannah's Fairies in Disco-land

Hi Tiffany , Please pass on my gratitude to Elsa. Beatrix had a wonderful time and elsa captivated her little friends for the whole hour. Her gentle and clear speaking manner was much appreciated and her little friends warmed to her quickly. 

I will be highly recommending Elsa and your company to friends. At the party a mum asked if you do Spider-Man parties she was super impressed. 

Thanks again 
Kyla and Bea xx


Handled all the kids like a pro

Hi Tiffany and Amy,
Thanks for your email. Your ninja master was perfect! He crept up on the kids and I in the garden and jumped straight into the party - he was fantastic! Handled all the kids like a pro. I feel bad not knowing his real name, but thank you. Michael in particular was very happy and excited about all the ninja excellence :)
I only have group photos and am reluctant to share on Facebook without checking with other parents first, sorry. But if I find some that are suitable, I shall send.

Thanks and regards, Julie

Hi Tiffany,

Thank for Saturday – the guys were fantastic, and all the kids had a great time!

Simon - Ninja Party

So good with the Kids

She had an amazing time thanks. All the kids enjoyed themselves, including the parents who got to sit back and watch with a wine in hand. Our fairy was so good with the kids and really did look the part too.

Hi Tiffany and Amy,

Thank you very much, you were recommended to me by the Mum of one of Oliver's friends and she said how easy you were to deal with, and I've certainly found the same.

A huge "Thank you" to Wen who managed to wrangle 15 very excited 10/11 yr olds! Oliver (and his friends too) had a fantastic time at his party and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

Thanks Sarah

Super Awesome!!

Spiderman Party Fun Auckland

Thank you Spider-Man for being on time, professional and super awesome entertaining all the kids. You made the birthday super extra especial and kids can’t stop talking about you.

- Julia

Nerf War Parties Auckland

Hi Tiffany,
I just wanted to say that Sean and his friends had such a great time today at his Nerf War Party. 
Thanks to Jordy who was awesome 👍😊
Here are a couple of pics from the party. 

Kind Regards Karla

Nerf War Party FUn Auckland
Nerf War Action!

Thank you! I have lots of parents keen to do the same so hopefully you'll get some more calls!:) lol.It was wicked. Thanks! 

- Danielle

Best Party Ever!

Thank You so much Party at Yours for Braeden’s 7th Nerf war party, he had such an amazing time. Hemi was so cool and hands on to the kids and the adults too. All the kids said it was the “best party ever” and the parents were raving about it. Everyone had a Blast Thank You and Keep it up Guys! You are doing such an amazing

Enthralled for the whole hour

We had Sensei Kyle come to my son’s Ninja party on the weekend - he was amazing and had all the children, girls and boys, enthralled for the whole hour. They were particularly impressed with the backflips! Thank you Party at yours for making my 5 year old sons birthday a huge success.


Best decision we made having Spider-Man at my son's 4th Birthday. He just got straight in to once he arrived, entertained the kids the whole time. Very patient, understanding, great with the kids, my son loved It! I didn't have to do anything, it was amazing.

Superhero party Auckland

Absolutely Phenomenal Jedi Training Camp

Thank you so much to Obi Wan (and Party at Yours) for an absolutely phenomenal Jedi Training Camp at Sebastian’s 6th birthday party on Saturday. The kids had an amazing time and many are now convinced they have mind powers as a result! Obi Wan was so great at ensuring all the kids felt included and were enthusiastic to participate to the extent they felt comfortable - such an awesome manner. Would totally recommend, not least for timely and smooth arrival and set up and exit. 10/10

- Nicola