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Nerf War Party for boys and Girls

This explosive, action-packed party is perfect for keeping the kids active and entertained. Our Nerf Knock-Out party is a crowd pleaser for boys and girls 8yrs and over. 

For Nerf enthusiasts everywhere - this party package encourages team work, strategic thinking and provides plenty of high energy fun. If you've never heard of Nerf guns before, just ask any child. These super fun Nerf guns are a great alternative to Laser Strike as you have the advantage of being on home turf.  

We come out to you at home or at a venue of your choosing with everything we need to create this awesome package for you. Best played in the outdoors but for parties in Winter if we need to go inside into a hall, we have our inflatable bunkers to create additional coverage for tactical movements. Our bunkers can also be used outdoors as well dependent on weather and space.

This is a fully hosted package. So your host will not only act as a mediator at game time, they will also be in control of their troops at all times - leaving you to get on with other important party stuff.

Please note that we encourage fair play and take safety very seriously. This is a non-combat sport so there will be no hitting or kicking of any kind tolerated throughout this party. The 'Bullets' are made from soft foam and whilst soft, safety goggles are essential for every player and shooting above the shoulders is discouraged. Your host will run through all the rules before you commence your games.

- We recommended this party for boys and girls 8 years and over.


Nerf Knock-Out

Our Nerf mission begins with an ultimate game of team combat and elimination. Once we’re split into teams, each player will have a certain amount of knock-out eliminations before they are out, leaving the team with the last man standing the winning team. This requires your soldiers to form strategies and work together to stay in the game!

Teams will be selected by random selection to keep the playing field nice and even and more so a fair balance.

There are also multiple adaptions to our game to during our party - to keep the games fun and engaging:

- Hunger Games
Inspired by the book of the same name. Players split up into teams of two. Players put all weapons, ammo, and other Nerf-related things in a pile. All teams then stand an equal distance away from the pile.  On a given signal, all players run to the pile to take what they can get without getting tagged. If a player is tagged, they must lay on the ground and wait. The last person standing is the winner.

- Capture the Flag
Each team has a flag to defend and must capture their opponent's flag to win. The first team to capture the other team's flag once, or another predetermined limit, wins.

- Attack and Defend
One team defends a predetermined area while the other attempts to capture it. There is a set time limit in which the attacking team must reach a certain area on the defenders side, if they do, they win. If time expires, the defenders win.

NERF WAR Parties Auckland

Here's what we bring out to you:

- Nerf N-Strike Elite Range of blasters for 2 teams
- Our Nerf ammo
- Safety glasses for protection
- Bands for team recognition
- Inflatable Bunkers for tactical cover 

So we can play this game all year round - rain or shine! If we find ourselves in a hall or in an enclosed space, we can pop up our inflatable barriers to create some great advantage points for protection and attacking. If we find ourselves in a reserve or park, these are also great fun to use and to mix with our surroundings. Just keep in mind, as inflatables, if outside and too windy we may not be able to use them. Even weighted down in high winds they still have the potential to blow away.

What happens on the day

- We'll come out to you at home or at a venue of your choosing. Your host will bring everything with them to create this awesome party for you.

- Once our bunkers are blown up and our game course set, then we'll get into picking our Blasters and get ready for game mode. We have a great range of blasters for you to choose from but our birthday boy/girl always chooses first, then the rest get to pick a weapon of choice.

Once we have our Blaster in hand, your host will run through the all important safety rules and the do's and don't's of the party. Big rule to remember  ‘No hitting or kicking of any kind.' Nerf Knock-out is a non-combat game. It is a game of strategy, stealth and skill.

- Your host will then randomly select the 2 teams, you’ll grab your ammo, vests and safety glasses and prepare for game time.

- First up, just like any solider we’ll have a few rounds of target practice to get use to shooting our blasters and to see how they fire. Once we’re satisfied - let the games begin.

Our Prices

For 10 kids and under: $250incl
For 11 - 16 kids and under: $330incl

Any additional child over this will be an extra fee of $15 per child with a max of 20 children in total.

Our parties run for 1.5hrs of actual play time. It is recommended that we arrive 20-30mins prior to get our course set-up. Includes your Nerf guns, ammo, protective eye wear, inflatable bunkers, vests and your host as part of your package.

What times do we host?

We host 2 sessions a day - morning and afternoon parties. We are flexible with these times within these sessions so do let us know what suits you best.

- Our morning Nerf Party starts at either 10am, 10.30 or 11am.

- Our afternoon parties start from 2pm to around 5.30pm.

Any later requests than 5.30pm then do please enquire.

We will bring everything we need to create this awesome party for you -all you need to provide are the kids, ready for some high energy action!

If this sounds like an action packed party with a capital A, then call us on 0800 444 886 and make a booking today.

NB: Parties are hosted from Silverdale to Kumeu, from Henderson Valley, Manurewa to Botany. Further afield than this then please enquire as an additional petrol fee will be incurred.

 For all your Nerf Camo party supplies and decorations be sure to pop along to our sister site Just For Kids to create the ultimate party room.

Please note that The "Nerf" brand is a trademarked property of Hasbro. Party At Yours 'Nerf Knock-Out' is not affiliated with either Nerf or Hasbro. We are an entertainment provider bringing you this awesome Nerf Fun package. 

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Nerf War Games Party

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Hi Tiff, I meant to come back to you and say what a fabulous party!!!  Ben was great with the boys and had them following his every word.  (Which is pretty amazing with 10 x 11 year old boys). Several kids said “Best Party ever” and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone else. 
Lewis's 11th birthday

Hi Tiffany, Great fun yesterday – one of the boys said it was the best birthday parties he’s ever been too !  High praise!  Thanks heaps to Jessica who had them all under control – best games for Jack was planning the strategy to take the flag and he also rated the 2nd game of ‘last man standing’ or something along those lines? 

Many thanks. Jack's 8th birthday 

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