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Our Magic Show entertainers are perfect for any sized crowd. They have no set up time and don't need much space to perform. They perform all over Auckland and are experienced in performing to kids of all ages and cultures. 

Their show is hilarious - even the adults will be cracking up. They are professional clowns and take great pride in bringing your children a fun, magical experience to remember. They communicate and interact extremely well which makes them such a popular party option for kids of all ages.

The shows last for 50 minutes and in this time they'll perform a 25 minute comedy magic show and then make fabulous balloon animals for all the kids for another 25 minutes.

So be sure to give us a call on 09 947 6081 today and book yourself a magical entertainer for your child's next birthday.


Popcorn the Clown
Popcorn the Clown

The sweetest and coolest clown in town, Popcorn warms little hearts with his funny, stretchy faces. An experienced children's performer and comedian, he's lots of fun and is Auckland's most popular children's entertainer. Popcorn loves making children laugh with his silly magic, colourful balloon animals and corny jokes. He's the colonel of fun and will make your party pop!

magic Maize show Auckland
Magic Maize

Silly and quirky, Magic Maize puts the maze in amazing. He is passionate about performing and is a pro at having the kids laughing and the adults smiling with his visual magic, silly jokes and balloon animals.  Vibrant and colourful, his act stands tall for any event in Auckland. Abracadabra, Alakazam, if you want to be wowed, Magic Maize is your man.

Justin Case Magic Show
Justin Case

Justin is Auckland's most entertaining magician. Interacting with a crowd is his specialty which he does with plenty of comedy and showmanship. Magic has been in his veins since he was a wee sprout and he is all about entertaining and show business. Justin performs comedy magic shows and balloon twisting and entertains small and large crowds all over Auckland. Just in case you need a magician here he is!


Our Magic Show performers will come out to you and perform their fabulous comedy magic show and balloon twisting

- (25min magic show + 25min balloon animals) = $280incl

Please note for Corporate or Pre-school shows the prices may differ. Please enquire.

Kids absolutely Loved him!

Hi Tiffany, Just wanted to say, we had a great morning with Popcorn the Clown. The kids absolutely loved him and even the parents appreciated some of his jokes!! I know a couple of Mum's have been looking out for entertainment for the children's birthday's, so I hope they come your way to make a booking - everyone was impressed, not just the kids. 

Magic Maize was a hit at our 4 year old's birthday party - he entertained kids and adults with magic tricks and great banter. The birthday girl talked about him non-stop for the rest of the day, clearly the main highlight of her day! Thanks team!

Magic Tricks
Justin Case Magic Show

We recently had Popcorn the clown at my son's 5th birthday party. He was fantastic! Parents loved him and kids loved him. There is no amount of star ratings that I could give him that would do him justice. He arrived on time entertained everyone and we were all in stitches. He was simply perfect! I would recommend him to anyone, you wont be disappointed.


'Hi guys, Thank you so much for reaching out and checking in on how the party went with Magic Maize in attendance. He was absolutely fantastic, the kids loved him! We were so impressed with how he managed to very quickly get all the kids rounded up and sitting on the floor completely mesmerised with him. He held their attention for the full duration, which is also no ordinary feat. The adults enjoyed his show just as much it seemed, so all in all we are so happy that we booked him. The birthday girl talked about him for the rest of the day, quite easily the biggest highlight of her party!You are welcome to use my feedback on your site with my last name or anywhere else that you need. Thanks, Sonya".

Popcorns magic Show Auckland

Laughter and Fun for the whole family!

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These parties are oodles of fun and perfect for the whole family. Call Tiffany on 09 947 6081 to make a booking today.

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