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Experience the magic of 'Roving Character' entertainers.

We absolutely live for our Kids party entertainment options but for certain events, the concept of a structured party is not always the right fit. That's where our Roving characters jump in and play a major role!

These characters are the best choice for those large scale events (35+ kids), where the focus is more about interaction and play. Perfect for those large or small corporate events, Park Openings, Weddings, School Fairs, private parties and for everything else in between.

It's all about the 'Play'

The idea of a 'Roving' character is all about the 'play and engagement' with the children and is where our character based hosts interact with the children in an unstructured way, either in a more intimate 'one on one' situation or in a larger group of children. This allows for a more fluid event, more focus on play and intimate interactions with the kiddies - which we all love.

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Ideal Family Fun Day entertainment

If you have a Staff family fun day coming up, our Roving Characters are the perfect addition. They will move throughout the crowd of children, creating fun photo opportunities and excitement, leaving your children with lots of laughter and amazing memories to take home with them.

We can organise all your fun day entertainment from Roving characters, Face Painters, Balloonists, Bouncy Castles, Candy Floss Machines, PA Sound systems and anything else your event requires.

With the bespoke nature of these events as 'one size' does not fit all occasions, please drop us an email and enquiry below using the contact form. From there we can discuss all the fabulous possibilities and costing for you.

We can't wait to hear from you.

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